Ella Carter

Board Memeber

I’m Ella Carter, and I’m from Roanoke Rapids, NC! I was just elected as a board member of ABC2. Before becoming a board member, I went to a few RecreateU$ in high school, but didn’t get a chance to work much with ABC2 until I came back to the area in 2020 to take a gap year from UNC. During the year, I’ve been working with the Center for Energy Education and Working Landscapes, two local organizations with similar missions to ABC2. I also help run Sunrise Warren County, a local youth group that raises awareness about how climate change will impact our community, and how we can use climate adaptation as an opportunity to thrive. I was invited to speak at ABC2’s kickoff rally for their Energy Democracy Leadership Institute in February. I spoke about how clean energy technology is booming in this area, and how we need to make sure that communities from all racial and economic backgrounds have equitable access to its benefits. I was invited to join the board to help ABC2 take advantage of some of the new opportunities coming up like climate adaptation. As a board member, I generally oversee ABC2’s operations and show up to events. ABC2 is currently coordinating a resilience hub for northeastern NC, and I hope to help with that where I can, along with starting up more mutual aid efforts locally. I’m still very new, so what I do is still tbd. I really love that ABC2 recognizes that an issue that hurts one of us, effects all of us. We have such a wide array of programs to support the community going on, from Autism awareness, to fresh produce distribution, to recreation programs. ABC2 builds this community. Chester and the rest of the org make people feel seen and loved. That ethic is highlighted on ABC2’s social media pages, which constantly highlight and celebrate local people for their achievements.  I am so excited to be a part of ABC2’s fam!