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Food Security Program Development  

Increase access and understanding of the Community Feeding Program, that connects young farmers from the Farmers in Training Program to young chefs from the Chefs in Training Program all to prepare healthy meals for residents.  

Create a Project Logic Model of the Community Feeding program to ensure its sustainability

  • Conduct program audit through listening sessions with Farmers and Chefs in Training Program participants. 
  • Develop and distribute surveys to beneficiaries of the Community Feeding Program. 
  • Assess inventory of community resources and programs available to support the project. 
  • Incorporate recommendations and insights gained through listening sessions and other discoveries into program plan.  

Increase access and awareness of Community Feeding Program through outreach. 

  • Partner with Department of Health and Human Services, Halifax/Weldon/Northampton school systems, area head start, public libraries, Boys and Girls Club and 4H programs to identify prospective clients. 
  • Form a stakeholder coalition to meet regularly to share information relevant to the needs of the beneficiaries. 
  • Develop streamlined communications through social media ads, flyers, and the ABC2NC App. 
  • Promote newsworthy activities to generate project awareness and support on social media. 

Develop participant information portal to enhance outreach and services to beneficiaries. 

  • Research data collection systems used by other nonprofits.
  • Use information gained through discovery to develop a Community Feeding Program data collection system.
  • Develop surveys and benchmarks to track and monitor program impact.

Support the development of a comprehensive fundraising plan to support programs and outreach.

  • Research and provide recommendations of sources of program funding, such as grants, sponsorships or in-kind donations.
  • Create a database of potential funders from foundations and corporate philanthropy sources.
  • Draft and submit at least 3 grants to support the project.
  • Assess cost-effectiveness of fundraising events and modify as needed.