Kelby Hicks

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Kelby Hicks graduated with a B.S. in Political Science from North Carolina A&T State University and a J.D. from Elon University School of Law. He has developed his leadership acumen in corporate, government and legal environments, and strives to make contributions to sustainable community development in various capacities. His participation in the KIPP Leadership Accelerator, a nationally recognized development program in partnership with Management Leadership for Tomorrow, has afforded him a unique skillset to be employed in attaining organizational goals. In his role with ABC2, Kelby aims to help facilitate compliance, governance and risk management practices that effectively support and promote the operational aspirations of the organization.

Kelby first became acquainted with ABC2 when he was introduced to the Founder and CEO, Chester Williams, in Emporia, VA. As Kelby grew in his own professional endeavors, he continued to be amazed by the growth and increased presence of ABC2 in his home community. As he reflected on the realities of rural communities, the opportunities available to individuals in those areas and the need to change the narrative for our future livelihood, Kelby realized how aligned his life values are with the work of ABC2. When offered a chance to volunteer and donate to the organization’s efforts, he jumped at the chance to be a part of something so great and he continues to look forward to the infinite expansion of ABC2’s impact across the world.