Kentwan Williams

Social Justice Director

My name is Kentwan Williams and my mother name is Ellissa Lassiter, And I’m currently an 11th grader at KIPP Pride High School in Gaston. The reason I’m an World Changer for ABC2 because, when I was a kid at Gaston Elementary School, I was being bullied and cornered into the bathroom because they said I was different due to my autism. However, due to that experience, I joined ABC2 to make the world a better place, but my other roles for other works of ABC2 includes being the president of GROW-K/4-H (AKA Growing Real Opportunities With Kids) and the founder of G.O.O.S.E which stands for Group Of Optimistic Social Engagement in which it goals is to stop and prevent of what I called the 6-isms in which were Racism, Sexism, Ageism, Bullyism, Ableism and Socialism.