A Better Chance

A Better Community


Connecting underserved and marginalized communities with resources to empower youth and advocate for community solutions and healthier lifestyles. Changing The World One Community At A Time.


A Better Chance A Better Community is always seeking and in need of help from the community and volunteers.  Every fourth Saturday there is a Open Volunteer Orientation and Training Seesion.  Feel free to drop in and become a part of this great movement and help make our mission a reality.


“For The Love of Enfield” festival is a weekend celebration in July to celebrate the rich history of Enfield and to revive the Love for our great Town by cultivating a great calling of Service, Empowerment, and Fun in our Great American Hometown.

More info to come.

Find us here: 362 Williams Scott Road Enfield, NC 27823


In a perfect world, our community’s primary goal would be to prevent any act of violence from every being committed by, or against, children. We would like to see no child suffer in solitude or pain; just live happy and productive lives.   The Big O Project is a seminar to provide parents and youth the road map to a successful life. What the project does is educate, promote positive dialogue,  and offer support and knowledge to rise above challenges and face adversities and to break the negative mindsets and systematic cycles in society. The goal is to promote change in our communities by educating youth and young adults on how to think and become a catalyst for a positive change and support system.